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Bob Mayhews westerndvd The Basic Principles of Western Riding - Why and How har sålts över hela världen! Bob Mayhews western dvd är ett tidlöst utbildnings-program på dvd i westernridning och hur man tränar en westernhäst men metoderna fungerar för alla riddiscipliner! Läs vad världens mest kända hästsporttidningar samt hästtränare skriver om detta utbildningsprogram i westernträning.

Westernryttare över hela världen har mångfaldigt uttryckt sina uppskattningar för Bob Mayhews pedagogiska westernträning i westernridning.

Här är en samanställning på några av de omdömen programmet fått genom åren.

Bob got Western taped.

For those of you who still have a worn-out copy of Bob Mayhews's first Western riding video, the good news is that he has at last come up with a worthy successor to it. His new video, the Baisic Principles of Western Riding, shows how far Bob and the sport in Britain have come in the intervening years. It provides a detailed and inspiring training programme for anyone starting a young horse, or for those enlightened enough to see how valuable Western methods can be for any discipline of horsemanship.

A professional Swedish film crew who met Bob in Scandinavia through Western riding put the 1 1/2 hour tape together. It leads the viewer through from the earliest handling of the foal to producing the finished horse, and is densely packed with information and advice. Good old Tewy, who has introduced so many of Bob's clients to Western riding, is one of the stars and along with her are number of younger horses from Wye Oak, Bob's base near Petersfield in Hampshire.

This tape will be a valuable reference source for anyone systematically educating their horse. It starts with working from the ground and progresses through round pen work, snake trails, two-tracking, and on to more advanced work such as travère, lead changes and spins. After an over-all viewing it needs to be digested in bitesize chunks, and ideally the trainer will be working very gradually through it, perfecting each step before moving on to the next section. For those more used to imported training tapes from the States, it makes a welcome change to see a horse out on the trail in an English woodland setting and not loping past the cacti in some limitless desert vista.

Bob is the only European to be regularly invited by the American National Reining Association to judge the prestigious reining futurity in Oklahoma City, and his NRHA judges card and the three other cards he holds qualify him to judge all classes of Western riding in Europe. His list of competition seccesses here and abroad atest to his skills in the saddle, and fortunately he is an excellent communicator and abel to explain his methods and philosophy with clarity and good humour. This is a relief, because there are some complicated instructions with arms, legs, weight etc all doing different things.

You need a quiet setting and some concentration to absorb it, even bit by bit. For all that, part of the success of this tape is that it does make it seem possible for average riders to work towards goals they might have thought were unachievable for themselves and their horses. The best Western horses may have enviable and expensive breeding and a perfect temperament, but their performance come down to the commitment of their riders. With this tape to guide them, many more riders will find that they too can get much closer to achieving true partnership with their horses.

Ingrid Sofrin AQHA UK

The new Bob Mayhew video on Western Riding produced by Visuell Kommunikation AB of Sweden, can only be described as excellent...the quality of the picture is excellent...the quality of sound is excellent...and the content is...(you’ve guessed it) excellent.

Larry Kasten’s introduction to Bob is very complimentary and of course very accurate. It is a fact that Bob has helped over 50% of the membership of this Society at some time, so it’s of no surprise to see his excellent horsemanship and his amazing ability to instruct come across on this video. In the 90 minutes, Bob covers a comprehensive handling and training program, with clear explanation of all changes with his hands, legs, and body to achieve the slightest try, and how to make the right move easy and the wrong move difficult...and with Bob involved, there is a good share of humour.

With such a high standard of production, this video must be a sure success for many years to come...or I’ll eat my Resistol!

David Lloyd, Chairman Western Equestrian Society

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