Review Gallery about Bob Mayhews training program The Basic Principles of Western Riding – Why and How

Bob Mayhew’s western DVD The Basic Principles of Western Riding – Why and How is based on the original video programme with the same title. The video programme has been distributed world wide and numerous horses and riders have been through Bob Mayhew’s training programme helped to a happier life together! Read what some of the most largest horse sport magazines and well known trainers have written about the video/DVD.

All reviews are written in a full version and in the native languages of below listed countries.

USA (Western Horsman, American Quarterhorse, Cowboys and Indians, Horse & Rider, Paint Horse Journal, AQHA judge Pete Bowling, NRHA judge Jody Brainard)

Sverige (Hästfocus, Hästjournalen, Anna Löf, Gun-Britt Blomdahl Nya westernhästen)

Danmark (Ridehesten, Western Riders Express)

Norge (Ridehesten)

Finland (Hippos, Ratsastus)

Tyskland(Western Horsemanship Magazine)

Storbritannien (AQHA UK, Western Equestrian Society)

Australien (The Australian Quarter Horse & Western Breeds Magazine)

Estland (Esti EQUUS)

Nederländerna (Bit Hoefslag)

Schweiz (Western News)