Starting up with Working from the ground, saddling and the first step up, Bit school 

Working from the ground, saddling and the first step up

Bob Mayhew describes how to do some easy practies with foals,
weanlings and two-year-old quarter horses. He starts with the foal,
continue to an untouched two-year-old quarter horse gelding who
never has been in a round pen before. Bob Mayhew start this young
horse which means he is working the horse in the round pen, doing
some practises where the horse is on free rein. Bob introduce light
pressure contact to the two-year-old and prepare him for the saddling
and the first step up. Bob establish the communication to the horse
and it all take place in a calm manner. It is based on horsemanship
training to start a young horse like this. The horse has no bit in the

Bit school

In this part Bob Mayhew presents different kind of bits that is suitable
for the rider to use, depending on what educational level the horse
is on. Bit school is one of the most important parts of Bob Mayhew's
western dvd and give all riders very good advices when and how to
use the bits.