The Basic Principles of Western Riding - Why and How! This is a horse training video/DVD for anyone who wishes to learn how to ride Western through education and not domination!

Bob Mayhew is an internationally known trainer as well as a successfull competitor. The training DVD incorporates Bob's training methods and has been distributed all over the world. It has undoubtedly helped numerous riders to gain a more relaxed and responsive horse.

The main goal of the horse training DVD is to give the beginner a clear and detailed picture of the basic principles of riding Western but the video is just as valuable to experienced Western riders and English style riders as well. Many enthusiasts have limited access to the services of an experienced trainer. For them the DVD provides valuable pointers that they can then try out on their own. Another idea behind the video is to help riders, regardless of whether they have a horse or not, to get the most out of a clinic.

Many years of learning, practising and training enable Bob Mayhew to clearly show you how to achieve softness, willingness and suppleness from your horse, from the youngster on upwards.

None of the horses in this programme are finished horses. All of them are at various stages of training, making them easily identifiable with your own horse and experience.

Table of contents: 
-Working from the ground, saddling and the first step up 
-Bit school
-Pressure release and body position
-Lunge line
-Speed control at the walk
-3 snake trail
-Circle work with push off
-Travère with canter departure
-Stop and backup
-Foundation to the slidestop
-Speed control in the canter
-Lead change
-Side pass
-The English horse
-Building to the finished product

This programme is produced in the 4:3 aspect ratio for TV (not for 16:9). For optimal viewing of Bob Mayhew’s training methods, we recommend you only use this aspect ratio setting on yout TV.

The DVD is produced on the PAL system (check your country Television Standard here)

However it is possible to play the DVD on any PC or Laptop computer with a DVD-player with a dvd-software. In Windows Media Player, you can play DVDs that contain video files. If you have a DVD drive and a compatible DVD decoder installed on your computer, you can use Windows Media Player to play a DVD-Video disc—this is the type of DVD that movies are distributed on. Read more! (Or Google on "dvd player software free")

The programme is provided in two versions (2 DVDs).

Disc 1. An easy-to-use DVD with interactive functions where you can navigate through the programme with the help of a menu that allows you select the training sessions. Note that not all menus have submenus. You can identify the submenus because they are marked with an asterisk. Navigate from the menus on the programme by moving the marker (green arrow) with the help of your remote control. Using your remote control’s other commands to navigate the DVD can be problematic since each remote control has different command keys. For your own convenience, navigate using the programme.

Disc 2. This DVD plays the full version from the beginning to the end. After the last scene, the programme will automatically return to the start.